Monday Sep 23rd and Wednesday Sep 25th
Number Authors Extended Abstract Title
M1 Tom BoBo, Cristian Rodriguez, Edgar King and Peter Cameron Measure and Manage Fragmentation to Increase Mine Site Profits
M2 Randolph Pax and Brian Cornish A study of lifter and liner protection using holistic measurement and an understanding of the influences of operational parameters for energy optimisation and efficiency
M3 Jeremy Hanhiniemi and Malcolm Powell Techno-Economic Modeling of Tumbling Mills: Economic Design and Operation
M4 Christian Haegele, Reinhold Gebbe, Thomas Mackert and Zoran Ivosevic Design Concepts for Large Size Grinding Mills With High Volume Flows
M5 Edwin Gutierrez and Sudarshan Martins Using Time and Motion Analysis to Improve Shutdown Performance During Mill Reline
M6 Ziming Ye, Mohsen Yahyaei, Marko Hilden and Malcolm Powell A Method to Evaluate the Impact of Stockpile Size Segregation on the Performance of SAG Mills
M7 Pramod Kumar, Raj Rajamani, Nicolin Govender and Jose Delgadillo Three-dimensional Discrete Element Simulation of material flow in the Pulp Lifters of Semi-autogenous mill: two case studies
M8 Mark Graham and Jared Le Cras Implementing Machinery Safety Safely – A Mill Reline Machine Case Study
M9 Chris Swaisland How Modern SER Mill Drive Technology adds Highest Value to Crushing and Grinding
M10 Frank van der Meer and Serhat Onol HPGR Grinding for Lead, Zinc and Copper Processing
M11 Ariel Medina, Arie Araya and Sebastian Cerda Liner wear prediction model to assist mill operational strategy using advanced online monitoring, artificial intelligence, and 3-D laser tools
M12 Sijia Liu, Monong Huang, Olav Mejia, Fisher Wang, Tugba Cebeci and Bern Klein Improving Grinding Mill Operation Using Variable Speed Drives
Tuesday Sep 24th and Thursday Sep 26th
Number Authors Extended Abstract Title
T1 Wei Chen, David Steward, Luke Wilkinson and Brad Drinkwater A coupled DEM-SPH numerical framework to predict the discharge tonnage of grinding mills
T2 Genzhuang Li, Bern Klein, Chunbao Sun and Jue Kou Applying Receiver Operating Characteristic in XRF-Based Bulk Ore Sorting
T3 Laurentiu Manole Digitalization of Grinding Process - Real Cases of Remote Diagnostic Services
T4 Holger Lieberwirth, Michael Klichowicz and Patrick Schönfeld Comparison of Experimental Particle Bed Comminution with a Two Dimensional Bonded Particle Model Simulation at Grain Size Level
T5 Arkady Senchenko and Yury Kulikov A Comparison of Comminution Circuits Using SAG and HPGR Technologies for Greenfield Projects
T6 Paul Shelley SAG Mill Optimization by Measuring Inside the Mill
T7 Peter Blanz and Erfan Sharifi Utilizing Mill Charge Analysis in Advanced Grinding Control
T8 Robert Morrison, Paul Revell and Ben Adair Can SAG mills be used for selective breakage, and rejection of hard barren ore?
T9 Bill Tubbs and Sanja Miskovic Can data-driven approaches to dynamic optimization work for grinding mills?
T10 Manuel Pareja, Alberto Morote and Ronoel Vega Benefits and challenges in implementation and sustainability of mine to mill
T11 Steve Smith, Peter Rubie, Stephen Gwynn-Jones and Joel Bohorquez Safer mill relining at PT Freeport – the first automated mill relining system
T12 Mike Hales, Dustin Collins and Eric Youssefi Real-Time Mill Load Optimization Using Mill Scanner
T13 Malcolm Powell The endemic issue of ball mill overload in SABC circuits